Rumours: Xbox 720 to be revealed in May, will cost up to $500

Xbox 360 Logo

The next-generation device looks set to require an internet connection as standard.

Rumours have begun to circulate Microsoft's next generation console, with various reports saying that the much anticipated Xbox 720 reveal will take place at an event on May 21st.

While the company had planned to lift the lid on its console this April, The Verge reports that the company has put it off till end of May, backed up by comments made by Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott.

Saying that the next-generation console would be out later this year, Turrott also revealed that Microsoft would re-release the Xbox 360 as a $99 device.

However, the next-generation Xbox looks set to be expensive, with prices ranging between $300 and $500, depending on the model.

Rumours also seem to be bearing out claims that the Xbox 720 will require a permanent internet connection in order to work.

The internet requirement has caused ire in the gaming community and saw rage directed at Microsoft's Adam Orth over his antagonistic Twitter debate, but Thurrott was keen to stress that the extent to which an always-on connection was needed has not been revealed.

White admitting that his experience with the next console was one that absolutely required the internet, Thurrott said its offline functionality hasn't been outlined yet.


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