Five Reasons Leeds United Should go After Sam Allardyce

A couple of news sources have suggested that Leeds United could go after Sam Allardyce to become their news manager.

Leeds United are on the hunt for a new boss and Sam Allardyce would be perfect for them for several reasons, if negotiations over his new deal at West Ham United fall through.


There are few managers in the English game with more experience than Big Sam. Allardyce has coached at Premier League and football league level, he knows how to get the job done, how to win promotion and how to get a team to stay up in the Premier League.

Experience is definitely something that Leeds should be looking for in the next boss they appoint, who will be tasked with guiding the team to promotion next season.


Allardyce has never got his teams playing the best football, his tactics are basic and they are aimed at getting results. He will push for Leeds to win as many matches as possible, any way possible to try and force through promotion to the Premier League.

If he did takeover at Leeds and if he did guide them into the top flight, he’s also proven that his knowledge of the game and his tactics are good enough against some of the best teams in Europe.


Allardyce is a manager who has the respect of his players because he’s got a no nonsense approach to the game. Question him, question the club or misbehave and any Leeds player would be cast out as quickly as they can get into the team with the right attitude.

It’s that respect and authority that any manager needs when he’s trying to get a team promoted. It guarantees loyalty and obedience towards what Allardyce is trying to achieve at any football club he’s been part of.

Man Management

Allardyce is very good when it comes to taking out of form and under performing players, putting an arm around them and getting them to go back to basics and produce their best football.

His man management style has proven to be popular at every club he’s been to as a coach and it simply adds to that issue of complete respect that players will feel towards him.


He’s got the perfect profile to go and manage a team like Leeds United. He’s got the perfect profile to get on well with everyone connected to the club from the fans, all the way down to the players, the staff and the powers that be who provide the budget and make the big decisions.

It’s an unlikely move because Allardyce has admitted a new deal with West Ham is close, but if that falls apart for any reason, Leeds need to be all over him like a rash.

Would he be a good fit for Leeds?

image: © Ben Sutherland

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