Quantic Dream's PS4 game is “another world”


Creative director David Cage promises a significant jump in graphics

David Cage, creative head of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, has promised that it's first title on the PlayStation 4 will blow people away.

While talking about the graphical improvements made for its upcoming final PS3 game, Beyond: Two Souls, Cage said the following title would be an improvement with “more subtlety, more nuance, more detail”.

Speaking to CVG, he explained: “I know that some people are surprised by what we can do on PS3 with Beyond, and we have heard many people even question whether this is a current-gen game. But trust me, if I showed you what we're doing with the PS4 you would be amazed. It's really surprising. It's another world.”

Cage took to the stage earlier this year at Sony's PS4 unveiling event, where he highlighted the way improved graphics will enable developers to create more realistic and empathetic characters.


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