Want To Choose Who You Sit Next To On Your Next Business Trip?

You can when you fly Finnair ....

Finnair has introduced a new social check-in service, which allows passengers to link their Facebook profile with the seat map.

This new feature will enable you to choose your seat "mate" based on their Facebook profile info, never again will you have to endure the company of complete stranger that you havent had the chance to Facebook stalk! Although if the seat next to you is empty you might want to work on your own social networking profile!

After completing check-in, the customer can also share his or her travel destination and the estimated time of arrival with his or her friends in their social networks.

"Many people like telling their friends on Facebook where they are travelling. We wanted to make this a little bit easier and also add some value in the check-in process for those, who want to see who they are travelling with, and who are open to meeting new people," says Aku Varamäki, Social Media Manager for Finnair.

"We want to make air travel more social and find new ways to utilise social media during customers’ journey in ways that delight our customers," says Jarkko Konttinen, Vice President, Marketing. "We're proud to be front-runners in utilising social media and making air travel more social."

image: © kcl_in_pdx