The Best April Fools Jokes (2013)


While we loved Google's Treasure Map (and sepia-toned Streetview), the winner of the day has to be Twitter. Or maybe YouTube.

Twitter renamed itself Twttr and announced they would no longer allows vowels in tweets. (However, for $5 a month, you can buy the use of them.) gets an honorable mention (and video feature) for their slightly long but very funny video about shutting down YouTube and picking the best video -- over the next 10 years, and announcing the winner then. (Winner also gets a clip-on MP3 player and $500 toward their next creative endeavour.) Special guests include some of the funniest (Charlie bit me) and some of the scariest (The bed intruder) YouTube stars.

In other news, Boden announced a Man Skirt, Virgin announced a glass-bottomed plane, and BMW bettered both of them by announcing a PRAM (Post-Natal Royal Auto Mobile).