Whence Comest Thou, Easter Bunny?

Easter Bunny

From Germany, of course. (And shall we ignore the fact this original question was put to Satan himself?)

Holy smokes: YES PLEASE and THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (But really, how bad can things be if we get to ask Satan a question? Oh, right, that's not what this is about.)

Anyway, here we are, on Easter night, having enjoyed a day of happiness and freedom, and nothing remotely weird (other than Stonewall Cosmo Proseccos, which are quite delicious).

Like all other good traditions (St Nick, the Christmas Tree, etc), the Easter Bunny came from Germany.

Why? Because the Easter Bunny procreated quite wildly, and get this: without the loss of her virginity.

As for the eggs, the idea was the same: they appeared in mass quantities in this spring-like world where anything coming into the picture was more than welcome.

So, Osterhase, even if you came from the Germanic Ostara, and have nothing to do with our day, we are glad to welcome you here.

Happy Easter!