Assistant referees to be replaced by robotic androids*

In what you could call an EXCLUSIVE (well you wont read it anywhere else) FIFA have been pitched the idea of 'android linesman' by a Belgian company. It is almost to good an idea to believe.

Are you tired of linesman getting their decisions wrong? Well I think we all are. Football is great and many people understand that one of the reasons it is such a fantastic sport is the potential for human error to get in the way.

However recently some decisions have been worst then others and although we are going someway to combat the old foe of goal-line decisions with some innovative steps coming into play for the future there is still one other great plague.

Offside decisions.

As footballers get faster more is asked of the linesman in big games to keep up with the play and get their decisions right; and they are struggling.

But now it seems that things are about to change; if you can afford it that is.

A company in Belgium believe they have developed the technology to eradicate nearly ALL mistakes from the officiating of games.

Ols-Roid Palfay is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and inventors of androids. Human-like robotic engineering and the type of technology that does everything from build cars, wrap Mars bars or harvest crops; now they want to eradicate a problem from football.

Eduard de Dene, president of the company behind the idea, says the technology is already in place to replace the traditional assistant referees; with robots.

Using infra-red chips inserted into each players boot the droids can scan the entire field whilst moving along a track on each side of the pitch. Using the data they can create a full map of the playing field and distinguish between different players. Not only this; but they can travel along the track at a speed of up to 25 miles an hour so will never be out of line with the last defender; with whom they are programmed to be in sync with.

De Dene even suggested they could have ‘little offside flags attached to them’ which would then ‘pop up’ for anyone worried about nostalgia being lost.

Graham Plimpton of the Referees Association for England felt it was a grave mistake. Claiming that it would ‘take away the romance of the game’ and be ‘to expensive to install on a widespread scale’.

It seems like something from science-fiction but with the technology in place it seems we may very soon have our lines being run by robotic androids like R2-D2 from Star Wars.

What do you think? Foolish idea or more genius imported from Belgium?




..... this may or may not be an April Fools...

image: © Ingy The Wingy

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