Football Manager 1888 and Rickie Lambert playing for New Zealand - the best footballing April Fools

Happy April Fools Day ladies and gentleman ... did any of these gems catch you out today?

April 1st has seen some humdingers when it comes to April Fools pranks this year. Outside of the world of football there has been some pretty incredible ones themselves.

My personal favourite has to be from Twitter. The suggestion was that they were now going to have two services; one which you had to pay for and one for free. The free service would be dubbed Twttr and would contain absolutely no use of consonants. Yeah that tickled my ribs.

But here are some of the best from the world of football.

Rickie Lambert to play for New Zealand

6:00 am in the morning this story went up on the Southampton official website claiming the striker was ready to play for the Kiwis thanks to his grandfather’s Christchurch birth.

The current top English scorer in the Premier League even posed for pictures with the national team kit and flag; by Joe he even did an interview:

Lambert delivers it with aplomb I think you will agree.

It certainly caught a few people out this morning with some websites reporting it as true; before taking a closer look at the calendar that is and realising The Saints had hoodwinked them nice and early.

Let’s hope Roy Hodgson sees the funny side of it and it doesn’t hamper his chances of playing for England.

Philanthropist to take over as technical director

It seems New Zealand has caught the All Fools Day bug hard. A day after confirming their place as the worst team in the A-League Wellington Phoenix announced that the clubs owner Gareth Morgan would be taking over as technical director; helping out with the day-to-day coaching and player recruitment at the club.

Considering he is more famous for investment banking and his charity work this seems a little too far-fetched to be true.

Chelsea to appoint Rafa Benitez on permanent basis

Well after beating Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-final this may actually just be a piece of glorious pre-emptive estimation.

But the news that Chelsea were going to forgo all the logic in the world and make their unflavoured and frankly disliked ‘interim’ gaffer the permanent coach was a little light hearted tongue-in-cheek action from …

Football Manager 1888

This one really has got people going. The popular computer management lifestyle game revealed plans to make a 1888/89 edition of the game complete with all the official rules of that day and age along with just 12 clubs.

Sports Interactive Director Miles Jacobsen had this to say on the story …

"This latest addition to the Football Manager family is so good, it's unreal"

That’s because it really is unreal but it definitely caught a lot of people out this morning. Although considering the amount of people who thought it was a great idea they may just have to re-evaluate its prank status.

Android linesman

This was our attempt at a little bit of April Fools fun and was laced with clues throughout. The company who would produce the robotic assistants was Ols-Roid Palfay; this of course is an anagram of April Fools Day.

Eduard de Dene is a Flemish poet who made one of the first ever references to April Fools; he is not the director of a fictional Belgian android company and as for Graham Plimpton.

He is not a spokesman for the Referees Association for England. Rather he is the Sports Illustrated author who created Sid Finch. Mythical super-fast pitcher for The Mets and the original hook-line-and-sinker of sporting April Fools pranks.

What was your favourite April Fools Prank?

image: © daniel.richardson0685

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