Oscar Pistorius - What a difference a month can make

Blade Runner is free to roam the world.

The media frenzy that we awoke to on the morning of Valentine’s Day, 2013 was nothing short of sensational – the internet was alive as millions re-tweeted and shared the devastating news that was coming out of South Africa.

Oscar Pistorius was used to being a celebrated figure, within athletics, within the media and with your average Joe or Joanna, and for the most part for all the right reasons.

He’s as positive a role model as you’ll ever find, not one to let a bit of adversity bring him down – yep, he’s not perfect and a few of us grimaced a little when he had the audacity to question the specifications of a competitors blades during London 2012, he kind of crossed the line from steely, hardened, will do anything to win character to that of a petulant, childish, sore loser.

But we forgave him, he’s human, and we all make mistakes. And, if he’s to be believed (and I’m not saying that he’s not to be) then he made the most almighty clanger of a mistake when he fired shots through the bathroom of his home, fatally injuring his then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

I’m not going to go into the specifics of the case. Much higher paid men and women than me will do that, and I’m sure they’ll make interesting arguments along the way, arguments that we’ll follow, share and re-tweet.

What surprises me though is that it takes very little time – we’re talking about 45 days here - between speculation that bail would be refused altogether to now, where Oscar has been told that any bail restrictions imposed were actually a bit unfair and despite the fact that you killed someone with your own gun, which you fired multiple times – whether this be culpable homicide or tragic self-defence – you’re free to travel the world and ply your trade once more.

It’s astonishing how the furore has died, completely subsided to the point where this can happen. It seems odd to me, that he should be given all his freedoms back despite the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Maybe I’m too harsh – or maybe we all were in the beginning – not to give him this freedom in the first place.

I’ve read he may actually compete in this year’s World Championships! So, if you’re a potential competitor I would make sure your blades conform to specifications, because if you beat him, and he feels you had an unfair advantage – well, history has shown that he’s likely to complain.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

image: © Global Sports Forum