It's Deadly - Strange, But True

Can anybody actually be this stupid ?

Heard the one about the guy in Colorado who was pulled over by the police for erratic driving ? He decided to exit the car and make a run for it and even fired shots at the police, who followed him in hot pursuit. You got it, 'bang, bang', he was killed. But, when the authorities examined the body, they discovered that all four shots came from the deceased's own gun! Apparently he had difficulty running and firing over his shoulder at the police at the same time - and he'd actually shot himself repeatedly in the head!!

And what about the 36 year-old Californian who, trying to get a better view at a Kiss concert in 2000, climbed a 7-foot wall to better see his heroes ? Having mounted the wall, he leaned back against the sidewall to enjoy the performance. Unfortunately it wasn't a sidewall - it was a dark curtain. The Kiss fan fell back 100 feet, onto an escalator, and to his death.

How about the 24 year-old English guy who shoplifted two live lobsters and hid them in his pants ? He just made it outside, before he collapsed in terrible pain - it appears that the lobsters had got hold of his privates. Doctors eventually prised his part free, but at a price - the young man will never have children.

And finally, how about the Californian who always wanted to be a pilot, but couldn't become one because of his poor eyesight ? Determined to 'fly', he purchased 45 weather balloons, filled them with helium and tied them to his Sears lawnchair. On signal, his 'friends' cut the cord which was anchoring the balloons to his jeep. The upshot ? He levelled off at 16,000 feet and stayed adrift for 14 hours.

Trans World Airlines and Delta Airlines pilots registered sightings. In the end, the 'balloonist' plucked up courage to use the airgun he had with him and he started to slowly pick off the balloons one-by-one, until he was safely aground. The LAPD were there to greet him, and he was lead away in handcuffs. But at least he survived! 

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