8 E-Mails That Just Shouldn't Have Been Sent Out

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Here's a note of 8 emails that just shouldn't have been sent out.

1. The Executive PA

Miranda Barker sent out an early hours e-mail to hundreds of colleagues in the BarCap secretarial pool warning them off an IT professional who also worked at the firm. She claimed in the e-mail that a colleague claimed to have caught a sexually-transmitted disease from the allegedly tainted techie. Ms Barker is said to have rather helpfully copied the e-mail to the IT guy himself (who apparently had been busy 'sleeping his way around all of the secretaries'), and also some of his bosses for good measure.

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2. The first Year Deloitte Analyst 

How not to keep your job - this intern sent an email to her group which was basically a Christmas Awards Ceremony for the ladies of the office, and which ranked male colleagues. 

For the full e- mail, click here

3. The Admin Assistant 

Mistakingly sending an all staff e-mail that is intended to a mate is bad enough, but when this junior staffer with law firm Addleshaws included details of his toilet habits after a night out, things went from bad to worse. 

Read what he said here

4. The City Boys

Two guys involved in an email conversation at work. One of the guys had split up from his girlfriend, but is still living in the same house with her. And the guy's friend, keen to make an opportunistic move on the ex, sought permission to do so... then accidentally copied the ex into the email chain. DOH! 

Full transcript is here

5. The Female Banker

A certain female banker was mortified when her boss, and several of her work colleagues, received an e-mail which included photos of her committing a private act on a male partner. The e-mail also contained a weblink to a site on the internet where the pictures were displayed. OH dear...

FInd out what happened here

6. The City Banker

Then there was Credit Lyonnais banker Trevor Luxton at the centre of the 'steamy e-mail' affair which hit the national headlines after an e-mail he sent to five so-called friends, describing his alleged activities with a female acquaintance. He ended up losing his job, and the worst thing is he later admitted that he made the whole thing up! 

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7. The Ex-Employee

One ex-employee of a major investment bank received a computer-generated e-mail from his former firm late last year - just a few weeks after losing his job there. The email amongst other things said 'if you are still interested in looking for roles in xxxx, may we invite you to visit our current listings of vacancies at our careers website'. Ouch! 

Read what else was said here 

8. The PricewaterhouseCoopers males

It's not just the interns at it. Some male staff in professional service firm PricewaterhouseCooper's (PwC) Asset Management Group found themselves in hot water, after details of a 'hot list' e-mail of female 'talent' sent around the group of 17 men found its way onto the internet.

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