Good On You, Summly Teen Founder

Summly Screenshot

It's impossible not to love this story: a Wimbledon teenager who released a newsreader app called Summly in November of last year just sold it to Yahoo for £18. (Or maybe as much as £40.)

Nick D'Aloisio released his first app, Fingermill (a treadmill for the fingers) at the age of 12. He didn't take his app work too seriously, though, and created Summly just because he was frustrated by the repetition in news stories. The program summarises news stories into the space allowed by a smartphone screen, and since release, more than 90m stories have been read.

The break of having Summly named one of Apples best apps of 2012 gave the program the exposure it needed to get noticed by a Hong Kong venture firm (who then got Stephen Fry, Yoko Ono and Ashton Kutcher to invest), which brought in the muscle power to help turn Summly's summarization technology into something that could be used by a larger platform, like Yahoo.

The app is coming down from the iTunes store today, and will be incorporated into Yahoo's mobile offering.

Nick will continue to study for his A-levels while going to work in Yahoo's Soho offices once the deal is done.