BioShock Infinite claims title of “highest rated”

Bioshock Infinite B

Newly released title from Irrational Games nets plaudits from critics.

2K and Irrational Games are celebrating the early success of BioShock Infinite, claiming it has already become the highest rated game of 2013.

Released today, the title has won the praise of critics around the world, with perfect scores coming in for its dystopian romp in a floating city.

“Today’s the day we’ve been looking forward to. Our redefinition of BioShock is ready to be delivered from our hands to those of gamers around the world,” said Ken Levine, Creative Director and co-founder of Irrational Games.

“We believe Infinite is very much a BioShock experience, but at the same time something very fresh that both fans of the original and newcomers to the series will be able to enjoy.”

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The company also released a launch trailer for the occasion, see below: