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Cardiff City

The real reason Cardiff City will make it to the Premier League this season

It has to be their new red kit. The club swapped blue for red last summer and haven't looked back. Could it be giving them a psychological edge on their opponents?

In my final year of university I was asked to be part of an experiment by Brunel University. The study was looking distinctively for goalkeepers with plenty of experience to face 50 penalties and basically see how many we could save.

Afterwards (with what I felt was an impressive tally of 18 saves from the 50) they revealed the real reason behind the experiment.

We were originally told it was to do with the physiological effects of a penalty shoot-out and seeing how the body reacted but the premise was much different. In fact it was all to do with perception of colour.

The penalty takers wore red, blue or white and the study, which was for BBC show Horizon, was meant to understand how the body reacted differently to diverse colours.

I was told this ate some Jaffa Cakes, went back to uni, drank some Boddingtons and hit the town with the rugby team; the day went to the back of my mind and apart from when it was shown on TV, giving me my 3.4 seconds of fame, it has rarely come back into the forefront of my psyche until now.

One team is responsible for this memory recall; Cardiff City.

The Welsh side have been on the brink of promotion to the Premier League for the past four seasons. The last three seasons have seen them in the Championship play-offs. Last season they were thumped by West Ham; the season before they were humbled by Reading in Wales in a game I had the privilege of being at; the year before they were beaten by Blackpool at Wembley. Simply put they have been more of a maybe club.

But this season they look like finally doing it. They have been the most consistent side in the league this season and with a nine-point advantage from third spot with a game in hand it would appear that we will have two Welsh sides in the Premier League next season.

But why this year? Could it be their new red kit?

During the 2004 Olympic Games it was discovered that those wearing red in the boxing, taekwondo and wrestling events were generally more likely to receive the benefit of the doubt when it came to close decisions.

It was also shown that when manipulated videos were shown to taekwondo referees where the colour of the kit was reversed even identical fights were given favourable scores for the red athlete by referees.

Why is not sure but there is certainly some research that shows that a red kit is more susceptible to sporting success than blue.

When Cardiff City’s Malaysian owners announced the rebranding of the club in the summer there was palpable uproar but it could be that the new red kit is giving them that edge they usually fail to find in the promotion race.

Do you think the change of kit could have helped improve Cardiff City’s performances this season?

image: © joncandy

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