What would Brian Clough make of Nottingham Forest today?

At the end of the week that would have marked his 78th birthday, what would Cloughie have made of his former club?

Brian Clough is arguably the greatest manager that Nottingham Forest have ever had, managing the side for 18 years between 1975 and 1993 and winning two European Cups, which he’ll forever be remembered for.

Other than being annoyed with the fact that he’s not still manager of the club, there are certain aspects of Nottingham Forest at the moment he’d be pleased with and other aspects that would make him feel the exact opposite.

The ownership of the club is something that he would certainly not look at positively. Regardless of the financial state of the club or the positives that the current owners have brought to the table, he’d have hated it pure and simple.

Clough was never a manager that liked anything other than total control for himself or colleagues in his position. That’s the way he liked it and if he was still with us, that’s something he’d definitely be pressing for all over football.

He’d look at the recent George Boyd saga and it would probably have forced him to retire if he was still at the club, if he hadn’t already left after being dictated to in more ways than one.

He’d also probably be confused as to why Forest aren’t already in the Premier League because he always demanded and expected the very best from his side at all times and expected them to be playing at the top level.

Forest are in with a very good chance of going up this season, which is something they have been striving for and something the club deserves and it will allow them to laugh in the faces of those who whip out the ‘you’re not famous any more’ chants at every opportunity.

Automatic promotion is still possible with an eight point gap between Forest and second place but for that to happen, Forest need a remarkable run of results to go their way.

It’s also likely that Clough wouldn’t share the thoughts of Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson on players. Ferguson has suggested that players in the modern game are fragile, can’t be criticised and can’t be talked down to in order for a club to get the best from them.

That is almost the complete opposite of what Clough believed in as a manager and an aspect of the game he’d criticise. It was his way or no way when he was in charge, no element of players being or thinking they’re bigger than they are.

He’d be entertaining for the neutrals and someone who would always stick up for the club. He may not have cast a positive eye on the current Forest situation but he’d certainly bear all of his frustrations for Forest to get back to where they belong, the top flight.

What do you think Clough would make of Forest today?

image: © mapperley_jas

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