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Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers: An Open Letter to Venky's

After another manager was given the boot at Blackburn Rovers, we tell the Venky's what many are thinking.

Dear the Venky's,

In short, please leave. You have taken one of the most historic and biggest football clubs in the United Kingdom and turned them into something which does not fit the reputation this great club has.

The turnover of managers at your club has clearly been designed as a way to bully the side back into the Premier League but it’s had the obvious effect and many Rovers fans will be embarrassed, the club is teetering just above the relegation places to League One.

You have failed to fulfil on the promises you made when you first came to the club, your investments in the side have not been given the chance to develop and you have shown very little back bone as owners.

There are so many foreign owners currently in the Premier League and the Football League, tampering with the very infrastructures of clubs and lining them with staff that frankly, don’t know anything about the game.

You have created a reputation at Blackburn which many high profile bosses will now avoid like the plague. No manager can sensibly make the decision to go to Blackburn, not knowing that they will be given the time and space to develop the side, which can fire the club back into the top flight.

You are everything which is wrong about modern football ownership and carry yourselves with the same sort of ‘leadership; style as Chelsea with the exception that you have literally no success to back it up.

Blackburn fans deserve better. They deserve honesty and they deserve to know what the hell is going on at their club and why so many managers are coming and going. Your club has had more managers this season than away wins, which is truly a shocking fact or statistic.

Please get out now. Find other owners, sensible owners, owners that know something about football. Leave, admit it was a bad decision to go to Blackburn in the first place, move on and allow everyone else to move on.

At the moment, Blackburn does not seem like a club which is going back to the Premier League any time soon. However, with you gone, they will get there a lot quicker than would otherwise be the case.


Every fan of football in the UK.

Rovers fans, what do you make of the latest sacking?

image: © Ronnie Macdonald

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