Red Dawn [Review]

Red Dawn

The Russians are coming! The Russians are...oooopps, wrong film. The North Koreans are coming! The North Koreans are coming!

The North Korean invasion of America is the plot of the updated version of the 1984 film, Red Dawn.

In both films, America is invaded by a foreign enemy. In the first film it was Russians, in the new, updated film it is the North Koreans. Red Dawn 2012 opens in anytown, America, where good-looking students are enjoying their days of going to school and hanging out with friends. Then their town’s electricity goes off, and the next day the invasion happens.

Feeling his house shake, Jed Eckert, a former U.S. Marine (a very serious Chris Hemsworth) and his brother Matt (Josh Peck) run outside to see paratroopers in the sky dropping down all over their town. Jed and his brother grab their truck and take off, along the way picking up friends (including Tom Cruise’s real life son, Connor). They happen to run into their father, who is a policeman, and he urges them to get out of town. They do so, and go to their family’s cabin in the woods. It is in this cabin that they decide to fight the foreign invaders.

One of the group chooses to run away, as he was scolded by Jed for shooting a gun. The next day he returns with the North Koreans (along with Jed and Matt’s father, as well as another friend's father, who happens to be the mayor), and their hiding place is no a longer secret. Taking refuge first in the woods and then in an empty coalmine, they decide to name themselves the Wolverines.

Thanks to Jed’s skills as a Marine, he teaches them how to fight, use guns, and prepare for battle. They go back into town several times, killing as many North Koreans as possible and blowing up many of the vehicles and occupied buildings as well. Unfortunately, a few of their own are killed in the battles, but of course, the American teenagers persevere and continue to fight. And as you might've guessed, Red Dawn 2012 follows the same plot as the original Red Dawn, with the ending being very predictable and unbelieveable. How can a band of teenagers fight an entire army?

Red Dawn 2012 was actually filmed in September 2009, and was due to be released in 2010. Financial difficulties with the studio (MGM) held the film upuntil its release in the U.S. in Nov. 2012. Strangely enough, the invaders were changed from Chinese to North Korean in order to grab China’s box office. Whatever the premise, and whoever are the invaders, Red Dawn is a silly movie, and best watched at home with a bowl of popcorn instead of at the cinema.