In Case You Missed Them - Last Week's Top Stories


Here are links to last week's top 20 stories.

1. What A Guy - Boss Pays Millions Into Bonus Pool From Own Pocket

2. Troubled Bank's Head of Communications In Tragic Death Fall

3. Walking Away From Wall Street

4. Wall Street - Resign In Haste, Repent At Leisure

5. Top Firm CEO Says He's 'Not Afraid' To Make Additional Cuts

6. Look Who Got $213.3m in 2012

7. UBS Risks Upheaval As Senior Traders Said To Mull Departure Over Pay

8. The Day The Head of Compliance Confessed His Love For Me

9. Hedge Fund Manager Claims Ex-Beauty-Queen Girlfriend Took Him For A $96,000 Ride

10. An Emotional Leaving - Walking Away From Wall Street Pt II

11. EU Banker Pay Cap 'Threatens Thousands of British Jobs'

12. UBS Lays Off Senior U.S Bankers, Shuts Down M&A Unit

13. My Wife's Crazy

14. Which City Will Tax Your Bonus The Least ?

15. Major Changes Under Way At Goldman Sachs

16. Barclays On Bonus Caps: We Don't Need Rules

17. Top Firm CEO Concerned That Bonus Cap Will Impact Retention / Recruitment

18. Are Banks Unintentionally Hiring Narcissists ?

19. Overweight Batman Turns Wanted Man In To Police

20. How Seriously Are You Being Taken At Work ?

image: © Valerie Everett

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