Macbeth at Trafalgar Studios [REVIEW]

James McAvoy In Macbeth

For those that don’t know the story of Macbeth, it begins when a Scottish noble is told by three witches that he will be King.

Filled with a lust for power, he kills his King and takes control, but then realises that all around him, people are trying to take it from him. He's somewhat paranoid, and embarks on a further killing spree to keep it. His enemies become galvanized by his actions, and he finally has to face them.

So how did this version fair?

Technically there is nothing to fault. The acting is very good, with set design reflecting the dark mood of the play. The post-apocalyptic thing has been done before but it made sense to me, though I would have expected Lady Macbeth in somewhat more opulent attire. However, if like me, Shakespeare is not something you have previously studied, then this play maybe a little heavy going.

Shakespeare can be tough difficult to follow at the best of times, and with a Scottish accent it is made that little bit harder. I would advise reading up on it beforehand.

It was good to see James McAvoy on stage again. Whilst he is certainly Hollywood A-list and more than capable of filling the theatre, he was technically excellent and very convincing in his menace and eventual madness; he is really maturing as a stage actor. Hopefully there will be more shows with him in the near future.

This is a solid play, but may not be to everyone’s taste, and will require you to pay attention.

Second Degree paid for his own ticket.