Double Fine: Ron Gilbert Jumps Ship

The cave new

Veteran games developer leaves The Cave developer and Kickstarter success story.

Just a short time after the release of his collaboration with Tim Schaeffer, The Cave, industry luminary Ron Gilbert has said he plans to leave developer Double Fine.

Explaining the move on his blog, he told fans that it was time for him to move on from the company and plan his next move.

Saying that there were many more games he wanted to design, Gilbert was keen to point out that the split was friendly and amicable.

"I want to thank all the amazing people at Double Fine for all their hard work on The Cave," he commented.

"It was a true pleasure to work with every one of them over the past two years. So much fun. I will miss them all. And of course to Tim for creating the opportunity to come there and make The Cave."

In addition to his work on adventure-game The Cave, Gilbert's name was also attached to Double Fine's flagship Kickstarter project that netted a record breaking sum of $3.3 million in public backing.

While there can be little doubt that the game's development will continue apace, whether backers will be upset at the departure of a fan-favourite developer or not remains to be seen.

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