Dishonored Dev: PS4 is a joy


BAFTA winning game maker praises Sony’s next-gen console.

With only scant information on the next-generation of consoles publicly available, gamers may take heart in the fact that Dishonored lead level designers Christophe Carrier praised the PlayStation 4 as a “joy”.

Speaking at a BAFTA event after having scooped up the Best Game award, Arkane’s Carrier said that level designers struggle against memory restrictions on a daily basis, according to Eurogamer, but that the PS4 would be different.

“Knowing that memory is something that is going to be improved in the next generation of consoles: to us, it's a joy. It's something that we were waiting for,” he enthused.

"We were PC gamers at the beginning. We love PC games, and we had to make games on consoles. But the main problem was memory. The processors are good, but the memory, for our games, is the most important. So it's great."

This echoes comments made last month by Crytek boss Crvat Yerli, who claimed that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will still be under the shadow of PC gaming.



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