International Women’s Day – My Favourite Male Chauvinist Comments

Power Of Women Gabriella Fabbri

Friday was International Women’s Day (thanks, guys – a whole day!), so I thought I’d compile my favourite sexist comments from readers of my football articles.

Not because I was particularly offended, but because I found it interesting and, in some cases, amusing that anyone would believe in the 21st century my gender had anything to with my intelligence and ability to understand football, or lack of, for that matter.

I am a woman and I do write about football – sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right in my assertions. More often than not I receive comments from both men and women that are considered, articulate and focused on the subject.

There are exceptions to that rule, though…

Bob: Stick to making sandwichs love, football isn't for you

J Berkshire: Go back to your kitchen... You don't know anything about football.

Lloyd: Jenny my dear....stick to baking.

John Gee: Jenny, well impressed with the comments - for a woman !!

rammyMANCINIsheikh: dis a decent article for a lady to write, i wonder if you write a love letter lyk dis? U need to work on u spelling tho, big problem der. oder den dat u done OKHAY for me. Nyc glasses. *sexyface*

Arsene's Son: Realistic article, so refreshing. Kudos to you, Sir.

Baxterboy: yes, with all due respect it is surprising that two ladies, lol, would rate this player at 25M, considering the vast football strides made by the 'weaker' sex in recent years. by the way Neily would appreciate a email with the time and date for the next lassie's night out. lol.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who thought it would be appropriate to propose marriage, comment on my appearance, or confess undying love – especially ‘Johnny Depp’ – thanks for the flattery.

All comments were created equal, and I appreciate people taking the time to offer their thoughts – even if they are antiquated, ignorant, or misogynistic. I appreciate the thought, I really do. But, sometimes…keep it to yourself, lads.

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