How To Channel Your Inner Megan Draper

BR Mad Men

It’s a good time for fans of Mad Men fashion.

This week, online and in-store, you can fill your wardrobes with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant’s latest Mad Men-inspired collection for Banana Republic.

The bold prints and bright colours demonstrate the mod-vibe of the new Mrs. Draper’s style. Bryant admits in a press release that "The spirit and fashion-forward thinking we see on-screen in Megan was really inspirational for the capsule."

The Mad Men collection reflects a wider Spring/Summer trend of Sixties-inspired silhouettes. Marc Jacobs showed a real '60s vibe at Louis Vuitton with geometric patterns, shift dresses and pointy kitten heels. It’s a fabulous silhouette, and in spite of looking very retro, it’s modern, spirited and clean. Megan Draper really nails it.

To wear the look successfully, there are a few tips to bear in mind.

How to Wear a 1960s look (without looking like you’ve been rolled out of the mothballs).

1. Keep the silhouette clean and uncluttered. The boldness of the look comes from strong simple shapes, bright colours and graphic prints. Let the shape and pattern do the talking. Everything else is low-key.

2. Keep makeup modern. Going all Twiggy-esque on the make up – gobs of mascara, liner and lips beyond the pale will date the look. Keep it fresh, clean and modern.

3. Bye-bye Massive Beehive. A bit of backcombing rocks. But avoid hair that looks like spun sugar after too much teasing and hairspray. The new '60s look gets modern with softer, more natural hair. Think Alexa Chung. Granted, Marc Jacobs showed the Vuitton collection with models wearing cutesy Alice-bands. Keep hair modern and simple for real life.

4. Accessories matter. Don’t try this look with clunky platforms and slouchy bags. The bag and shoes will make or break the look. Think structured bags and shoes you can walk in. Note that this look is not heavy on jewellery. Speak to the leather goods.

5. Twist and Shout for Nude hose. My favourite? Wolford’s Naked 8. It’s the perfect, whisper-thin hosiery that leaves us wondering if your bare legs are really that perfect. What’s not to love?