My Wife's Crazy

Beach Wedding Cake Roger Kirby

'My hair smells', she said, 'It's embarrassing'.

'Your hair doesn't smell', I tried to reassure her.

'It does, it does', she screamed, 'Smell it'.

I did.... It didn't smell.

'I can't smell anything', I said.

'Don't tell me it doesn't smell!', she screamed, 'I am not a baby! I know it smells!'.

'Who told you it smells ?', I asked.

'Martin', she shouted. Martin is our 9-year-old son.

'Oh', I said, 'Your hair must smell then'.

'And look at my eyebrows', she shouted, 'They've fallen out! It's all your fault. The stress you put me through!'.

'I'm looking at your eyebrows', I said calmly.

'See', she said, 'I told you they'd fallen out.

'But I'm looking at your eyebrows', I repeated.

'Don't try and be clever', she hissed.

'Well let's ask Martin', I suggested.

Martin could see her eyebrows too.

'Don't be stupid', the wife scowled. 'He's a 9-year-old child. What does he know ?!'.


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