Death Inc. Kickstarter fizzles out

Death inc farewell

Ambient Studios assents to closing down its crowd-funding project

Indie developer Ambient Studios has reluctantly conceded defeat as its Death Inc. Kickstarter failed to gain the needed traction and achieve funding.

With nearly 4,000 backers and £122,711 in funding, the effort accounted for only half its stated £300,000 goal.

Just ahead of the final deadline, the team issued a message to fans saying that the writing was on the wall.

"There are a handful of hours left on the clock but I think we can all see the outcome. What a ride it has been. But it's OK!" the group explained.

"Together we've taken an exciting, gruelling, and enlightening journey over the last month."

Ambient promised that it wouldn't drop production on its promising title Death Inc. and that it was going to learn from the feedback it received for its work-in-progress demo.

Last week, Ambient Studios' co-founder Johnny Hopper expressed his worry that Death Inc. wouldn't meet its funding needs, saying that gamers might have been put off by the honest but steep cost of £300,000.

"There's a potential that people have been put off of the cost of the target we set," he told us in an interview.

"We didn't want to say 'OK lets ask for a smaller amount of money and, fingers-crossed, we'll be able to get funding from investors or something like that.' If that didn't happen then we'd have taken somebody's money."

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