America Threatened With Nuclear Attack, Washington To Be 'Engulfed in a Sea of Fire'

This is all the Prez needs - North Korea threatening America with a nuclear attack.

Fox News reports that at a mass rally in Pyongyang on Thursday, Army General Kang Pyo Yong told the crowd that North Korea is ready to fire long-range nuclear-armed missiles at Washington.

'Intercontinental ballistic missiles and various other missiles, which have already set their striking targets, are now armed with lighter, smaller and diversified nuclear warheads and are placed on a standby status', Kang said. 'When we shell (the missiles), Washington, which is the stronghold of evils, .... will be engulfed in a sea of fire'.

Reuters reports that North Korea has accused the United States of using military drills in South Korea as a launch pad for a nuclear war and has scrapped the armistice with Washington that ended hostilities in the 1950-53 Korean War.

However, North Korea, which has one major ally, neighboring China, threatens the United States and its 'puppet', South Korea, on an almost daily basis.

North Korea vows nuclear attack on US, saying Washington will be 'engulfed in a sea of fire'

North Korea warns U.S. of preemptive nuclear strike

image: © Rennett Stowe