Family Fear Worst As U.S. Man Swallowed Up By Bedroom Sinkhole


36-year-old Jeffrey Bush is feared dead after being swallowed up by a sinkhole which opened up under his bedroom floor and swept him away.

Bush, from a location near Tampa, Florida, was heard screaming by family members around midnight Thursday, as a 100 foot sinkhole open-up below his house and literally swallowed him up and swept him away.

Jeremy Bush, the brother of the man swept away, ran into the room and jumped into the hole in an effort to rescue his sibling. Although he says he thought he heard his brother call his name, Jeffrey Bush was nowhere to be seen. The family now fear the worst.

Jeffrey Bush is feared dead, after extra-sensitive listening devices and cameras were inserted into the sinkhole and failed to detect any signs of life.

'I ran toward my brother's bedroom because I heard my brother scream', Jeremy Bush told CNN's AC360.

'Everything was gone. My brother's bed, my brother's dresser, my brother's TV. My brother was gone'.

Jacqueline Ingles, a reporter with WFTS-TV, said the Bush family had been told their home was 'absolutely on stable ground'.

Sinkholes are particularly common in Florida, which rests on a nearly unbroken bed of limestone, according to the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute.