Crytek: Offline single-player needs to "go away"


CEO Cevat Yerli suggests that all gaming experiences will be connected online.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has taken a strong stance against offline single-player experiences, saying that players have to get used to connected solo-gaming.

Following on from Sony's unveiling of its highly-connected new console, Yerli told IGN that he believed online connectivity could provide a host of benefits, but that gamer resistance had to be overcome.

"I think the notion of a single-player experience has to go away. However, I’m not saying that there will be no single-player experiences ... it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player instead," he told the site.

"Online and social can reignite single-player in a new type of context and provide benefits that will make you want to be a part of a connected story-mode rather than a disconnected story-mode. Sure, if the technology forces you to play a traditional single-player game online, that doesn’t make sense but if it’s offering actual benefits to be online then you want to be part of it."

The Crysis-maker didn't specify how he hopes to lure single-player gamers online but suggested that it would be demonstrated in its upcoming free-to-play efforts, Warface and its new online platform Gface.

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