Army of Two dev: games need to be fun

Army of Two

Creator of bombastic co-op shooter hits out against encroaching realism.

As gaming technology allows titles to look more realistic, developers should keep in mind that games are meant to be fun too, according to Army of Two creator Greg Rizzer.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the producer and designer at Visceral Games' Montreal studio vowed to keep the often-criticised Army of Two franchise rooted in its current non-serious tone.

"In the market today where every shooter is claiming to be the most realistic, one of the things that's starting to slip away is games are meant to be fun," he commented.

"Even if it's a game that's violent in content, we still as gamers need to be able to appreciate a Michael Bay-esque type of experience. And using all this new technology we have, why not?"

Describing the previous Army of Two games as possessing a "frat-boy-esque tone", Rizzer said any follow-ups would maintain its "over-the-top" nature.

The designer explained that one of the game's aims was to recreate the experience of playing arcade games as a kid.

"I feel, need to get back to: pick up the controller, be able to play and not have to know a million different things and just have really cool things happen on the screen... So in that sense it is old school," he concluded.


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