When Match Gets Boring...


Why stop? There are plenty of interesting dating sites for those of you who might be bored.

We all know that dating isn’t easy. Quite the opposite; it’s an uphill slog with a bad overall chance of success. And yet it is, generally speaking, your best chance at finding a significant other. Yet for some it is easier than for others. And we’re not referring to charisma here, or any other concept covered by sites like the Art of Charm dating tips. But how can you find true love if you’re a vampire? The answer might be easier than you think. Our old friend, the Internet, steps in. Google them...at your risk...

Vampire Passions

Vampire Passions is collectively agreed on, by the fang-friendly subculture, to be one of the best ‘vampire’ dating sites around. It’s open to both vampires and vampire lovers, and has a variety of subforums for all sorts of vampire fans trying to get a date, from Twilight to classic vampire admirers, and from inoffensive to ‘seeking blood donation’ vampires.


You might have heard of the giant amounts of fan mail that many death row inmates get. Well, thanks to this website, the love that could never be, can now be extend down the offense docket registry - all the way to grand theft auto or embezzlement. Meet-an-inmate helps you get in touch with an inmate of either gender, whether you want that as a pen-pal, or potential stalker/date. If you’re a fan of prisoners, this is the site for you!


Because few things are as important in a potential date than the operating system he or she uses, Cupidtino makes it easy for certified Mac-heads to find their counterparts amongst the opposite gender. Yes, love is too important to be shared with one of those icky Android users....


Well, as a recessive gene, the blonde hair color is slowly going away, but you can console yourself with the fact that at least the myth of the tall blonde goddess isn’t going away, thanks to sites like TallFriends.com. The good people at Tall Friends have created a perfect environment for everybody too tall to fit through a regular sized door to socialize, and perhaps get to know one another.


A site that is dedicated solely to the process of hooking up attractive women with tall and financially well endowed gentlemen, WealthyMen does exactly what it says on the front page, offering such important tools as “sugar daddy search”. A word of warning though: not just anyone is allowed on the site. In fact your income (which has to be over 85k/year) and profession have to be screened and verified before you’re allowed in.

So. Maybe it's Match after all?