Lazio president: German fans 'didn't notice' being stabbed

Lazio president Claudio Lotito seems to have some very warped views over the behaviour of his club’s fans.

It wouldn’t have been a surprise to some to learn of attacks on Borussia Monchengladbach fans by some sections of Lazio supporters before the Europa League match between the teams last night.

These attacks reportedly resulted in three German fans suffering stab wounds which has bizarrely cause Lazio’s president to come out in defence of the perpetrators.

Lotito has suggested that two of the German fans in question, didn’t notice the contact with the Lazio fans in question and has urged the press not to brand every attack in Italy as Lazio related.

“I would like to put these incidents in context. I spoke to the police and was told two of them weren’t actually stabbings, as the people barely noticed the contact. I would also urge the media not to label the protagonists of all these incidents as ‘Lazio fans,” he told Sky Sports Italia.

Now, Lotitio does go on to point out that he’s not condoning the behaviour of those in question but has suggested the attacks had nothing to do with general Lazio supporters.

It’s fairly similar to the incident earlier in the season when Spurs fans were attacked in Rome before the club’s match against Lazio with some sources suggesting that Roma fans were the culprits, trying to get one over on their arch enemies and get them a bit of bad press.

However, it’s unreasonable to suggest that any fan could barely notice being stabbed. I’ve never been stabbed, but I’m pretty sure I’d noticed someone sticking a sharp knife into me, regardless of whether it was a deep cut or otherwise.

Lotito has some great views on the way violent fans should be treated; lock them up and throw away the key but he cannot condone these sort of actions at all and the suggestion that the German fans were effectively overreacting is quite frankly, shocking and laughable.

Lazio have some very passionate followers but they also have some very hostile followers who seem to want to do more harm to random fans as opposed to actually supporting their team.

This sounds like a simple case of lost in translation but if Lotito really does mean the German fans couldn’t have noticed coming into contact with knives, then how on earth does he hold such an important position in football?

What do you think?

image: © Dave Crosby

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