BioShock Infinite DLC on its way

Bioshoch Infinate Patriot

Three all-new add-on packs to bolster Columbia experience.

Not even having hit the shelves yet, BioShock Infinite is already promising a bevy of downloadable goodies with three new add-on packs and a Season Pass.

The all-new content packs are currently in development and Irrational Games promises that they will deliver hours of additional gameplay, with new stories, characters and weapons.

Also unveiled, the BioShock Infinite Season Pass will be available to buy as the game hits shelves on March 26th and will provide gamers with all three add-on packs as they become available at a discounted rate.

To sweeten the deal, Irrational Games are throwing in their early bird pre-order special pack with every purchase of the season pass.

This will entitle gamers to four pieces of exclusive in-game gear, a machine gun and pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for weapons, as well as five Infusion bottles that will boost the player's health, armour and special abilities.

Take a look at our time in Columbia with our hands-on preview.

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