PS4 to boast full-streaming


Games to be playable even as they download, integration with PS Vita

Sony’s recently acquired Gaikai streaming company has helped to build into the new PlayStation 4 console streaming and online cloud services it hopes will give it the cutting edge in the next console generation.

Gaikai boss and gaming veteran Dave Perry took to the stage to show off fuctions that include downloadable titles, as well as social networking features such as the ability to broadcast video of what you’re playing to friends.

“Spectating has become very popular in our industry,” admitted Perry, saying that Sony responded by asking: “how could we improve the spectating experience?”

Perry says that gamers will be able to watch each other play and even sign up to see gaming celebrities at their best.

Furthermore, the company plans to let people control their PS4 games remotely via their PS Vita and stream films, TV-shows, music and more via services such as Netflix, Amazon and others.

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