In Case You Missed Them - Last Week's Top Stories


Here are links to last week's top 20 stories.

1. 2,000 Investment Banking Job Cuts Expected To Be Announced Tuesday In These Areas

2. How One Woman Went From Homeless To Multi-Millionaire

3. The Day After Bonus Day

4. Report - Top Firm Cuts Traders, Sales Staff / Analysts, Employees Walk After Bonuses

5. Barclays Confirms Big Headcount Reductions

6. Top Firm CEO Has Just One Year To Show Turnaround Is Working

7. 'This Goes Much, Much Higher Than Me': Trader At The Centre Of LIBOR Fixing Probes

8. Exclusive Pics - Wall Street CEOs With Beards

9. How To Live Forever and Other Lessons

10. Young Wall Streeter Forced to Deal With Boss In Thong Bikini

11. I Don't Begrudge Our CEO A Bonus - Even Though I May Get Laid Off

12. Top Firm Said Starting To Cut EMEA Heads

13. Shut Up and Listen - Six Powerful Ways to Stand Out at Work

14. UBS - Ex-Bear Becomes 'Sore' Head

15. Investment Banks Said To Cut Senior Staff by 12% in 2012

16. Citi and BofA Suckers 'Fooled About The Stench Of Their Own Garbage' ?

17. Adult Clubs To Bars Feel Pain Of London Banking Cuts

18. The Worst Date I Ever Had - And He Was 'An Investment Banker'

19. Deutsche Said To Suspend MDs, New Citi CEO 'Uninspiring'

20. Five Great Movies Every Trader Should See

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