11 Things That Happened This Day In History - 26th November

Here is a note of 11 things that happened on this day in history.

1. 1922 - Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon become the first to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen (Tut) since it was sealed in 1323 B.C.

2. 1938 - Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) is born

3. 1940 - The Nazis force 500,000 Jews of Warsaw, Poland to live within a walled ghetto

4. 1941 - President Franklin D Roosevelt signs a bill that establishes the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day

5. 1942 - Casablanca, set in the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca during World War II, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, premieres at the Hollywood Theater in New York

6. 1968 - A new wide ranging race relations act comes into force, making it illegal to refuse housing, employment or public services to people because of their ethnic background

7. 1975 - Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, is found guilty of trying to assassinate President Ford

8. 1983 - Six gunmen break into the Brinks Mat warehouse at the Heathrow Airport making off with three tons of gold bars valued at $37.5m

9. 1992 - The Queen is set to become the first British monarch since the 1930s to pay income tax

10. 1998 - Tony Blair becomes the first British prime minister to speak to the Irish parliament

11. 2008 - The 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks take place across Mumbai in India

image: © Bullion Vault

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