Bungie lifts lid on Destiny


Halo-maker hopes to strike it big with post Master Chief masterpiece.

Bungie has unveiled details on its upcoming project Destiny, its highly anticipated new game after departing its phenomenal Halo series.

Giving fans a sneak peek at its FPS-meets-sandbox-RPG, Destiny promises to introduce a new sci-fi universe that is an online world "filled with sweeping adventures."

According to the company, Destiny represents an ambitious project that publisher Activision-Blizzard is hoping will be a gaem changer.

"Bungie defined first-person action games over a decade ago with Halo, and with Destiny they will evolve the genre once again," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

"Destiny is a world that evolves. It is a world with wide boundaries that allows you to roam and explore. It is a world where, even in story mode, you could encounter other players on their own adventures."

Promising to change the face of shooters by setting the action in an online world where a cinematic experience is blended with MMO-style social features.

Harold Ryan, Bungie president, claimed that Destiny represents a dream come true for the developer.

He commented: "Destiny will draw players into a world filled with mystery, action, and adventure, but most importantly, Destiny is more than a disc in a drive, it is a living social universe filled with other players."

Bungie has posted the first part of a video documentary that shows browser and smartphone integration.

The video follows:


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