VIDEO: Usain Bolt's slam-dunk in celebrity NBA All Star game

Forget talk of a switch of sports to join Manchester United; Usain Bolt has found his true calling.

Usain Bolt has the physique which makes him almost perfect for any sport.

He is the world record holder in sprinting 100 metres and 200 metres in Athletics, winning six Olympics golds in two games appearances thanks to his relay efforts too.

Bolt insists he can play football, famously urging Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to offer him a trial, while his pace would make him a nifty wide-receiver in the NFL.

But perhaps his true calling is basketball. He was invited to play in the celebrity All Star game in the NBA's annual event at the weekend, and didn't let anybody down.

The Jamaican wowed spectators by proving he slam-dunk like a pro; forget the fact the play would have been called by the officials for 'travelling' - and just enjoy it for what it is.

Check out the video here:

Which sport should Bolt try next?

image: © thor_matt83