Dead Space 3 – Review

Thumbs Up

Encounters with the Dead Space franchise's necromorphs used to be terrifying. Not so much these days: it still looks like Silent Hill in space – with its rusty, filthy corridors and sense of isolated dilapidation – but when the monsters turn up, shooting them isn't scary so much as great fun.

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That's ably assisted by the game's weapons benches, which let you turn collected scrap materials into lethal armaments and ammunition, a process that soon removes any sense of danger. Your battles with the game's beasts are now simply encounters with amusing groups of cannon fodder, artfully interspersed with zero-G sections and moments where you lay waste to everything in sight with a fixed gun turret. If you arrive expecting fear, you'll leave disappointed, but if your only aspiration is dismembering space monsters with homemade artillery, Dead Space 3 is money well spent.

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