Aliens: Colonial Marines – Review

Aliens In London

The makers of Aliens: Colonial Marines clearly adore its filmic inspiration, and this is never clearer than in the flickering, claustrophobic corridors of the abandoned colony on planet LV-426.

Later, when you're shooting human mercenaries and half-heartedly ducking behind convenient waist-height barriers, you start to suspect that making a decent game based on the Aliens franchise may in fact be impossible.

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It's not that xenomorphs aren't scary or that the plot doesn't have a kernel of interest; it's more that familiar gun sounds, chirruping motion trackers and a few fancy lighting effects fail to provide much apart from a very accurate recreation of scenery from the films and a few wry, nostalgic smiles. Multiplayer is interesting rather than engaging, while the plethora of easter eggs is insufficient to distract from the clunkiness of the action and gaping plot-holes its supposed revelations offer.

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