Supermarkets demand WiiU price drop

Wii U

Console has yet to win the hearts and minds of gamers, says Tesco and Sainsbury's.

UK retailers have pleaded that Nintendo cut the price of its WiiU console, saying it has yet to take hold of the imagination of the British gamer.

With lacklustre sales and a limp line-up of exclusive titles available on the console, retailers have told MCV that they're getting increasingly anxious about Nintendo's latest device.

“Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet,” Tesco games buying manager Jonathan Hayes told MCV.

"We need a killer app to drive sales, and a big marketing push to clearly communicate what Wii U is all about – it will probably be better to focus on the premium edition to do this.”

Sainsbury's also joined in, with buying manager Gurdeep Hunjan calling for a “new strategy” for the Easter break and the following summer holidays.

Indie retailers were more specific with where they believed Nintendo could make improvements, namely the price.

Xbite founder Nick Whitehead complained: “Both the machine and software prices are too high to compete. The price point needs looking at but this alone will not fix the issue.”

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