7-year-old programs full game

The IPhone 5

Zora Ball wows convention attendees with mobile phone app

Tiny programmer Zora Ball has been named the youngest ever person to create a fully functional mobile videogame app.

The 7-year-old, a student at Philadelphia's Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School, unveiled her game at the FATE expo at the local university.

Built in the bootstrap programming language, Zora was able to put naysayers to shame by reconfiguring the app on the fly.

"We expect great things from Zora, as her older brother, Trace Ball, is a past STEM Scholar of the Year," Harambee Science Teacher Tariq Al-Nasir, founder of the school's STEMnasium Learning Academy, told the Philly Tribune.

“I am proud of all my students. Their dedication to this program is phenomenal, and they come to class every Saturday, including holiday breaks.”

The school runs a 48-week programme that teaches kids how to develop their programming skills that takes place every Saturday.

“The kids love it. As an example, over the Thanksgiving holiday break, with Black Friday and all, the kids were off from school and could do whatever it is that kids do when they are home, but we had students who showed up,” Al-Nassir continued.

“They dedicated themselves to showing up on that Saturday. What we accomplished on that Saturday was different than what we accomplished on other Saturdays.”

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