Lifetime Xbox sales at 76m

Xbox 360

Microsoft executive reveals the install base of its seven year-old console.

Are you an Xbox gamer? Well, you're not alone as after being on the market for seven years, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has shifted 76 million units, according to top interactive entertainment business exec, Yusuf Mehdi.

Speaking at the D: Dive Into Media event (reported on by, Mehdi pointed out that the console still sees robust growth, having jumped by six million units since September last year.

It was also claimed that the company's appeal to reach out to non-hard core gamers has been a success with 38% of Xbox users being women, and more than 51% having kids.

Other statistics emerged, such as Xbox owners using their consoles for 87 hours a month and that non-game usage, such as film streaming and fitness features, was on the rise, with entertainment usage growing by 57% year-on-year.

The company also said that it had sold over 24 million Kinects and that there are over 46 million Xbox Live accounts.

All this comes as Miscrosoft is rumoured to be paving the way to annouce its successor to the Xbox 360, code named Durango.

Meanwhile, chief rival Sony is on track to make an announcement in New York on February 20th, with many speculating that it will be to unveil the PS4.



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