Gearing Up For Your Valentine's Date

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Just in time for Thursday (or tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday): How to rock the date, and how to read your date.

These tips come to us from body language expert Judi James (who also happens to be an ambassador for invisible-braces company, Invisalign).

On Your Date

"When we imagine someone being confident, we always imagine them smiling. A good smile can make you look more self-assured as well as boost your inner confidence. This not only improves your positive body language, but also suggests high levels of attractive confidence to the opposite sex, helping to ignite that all important date chemistry."

"We tend to over-groom when preparing for an evening out in order to boost their confidence, which is more likely to make you feel more uncomfortable. Stick to clothes you feel comfortable in so you’re not constantly worrying about how you look."

"Always maintain eye contact with your date. Do not gaze off into the distance and lose focus. People can spot boredom a mile off."

"Plan your small-talk, but keep in mind that the best flirting entails active listening therefore indicating interest in the other person."

And if you really want to lay it on: "Turn your flirting up a gear by increasing the intensity of your signals. Convert a polite ‘listening’ smile into something more sensual, by softening your eye expression and lowering your chin slightly. The killer technique is the eye-flick, meaning you keep your eyes on theirs as they talk but ‘flick’ your eye-gaze down to their mouth at regular intervals, smiling subtly afterwards to register approval and a subliminal desire to kiss."

Reading Your Date

"The eyes give away more signals than any other body part so keep yours peeled! If your date’s gaze is largely focused on your body, you know they are assessing your sexual appeal, but if their focus is on your eyes and face this shows that they want to build a relationship with you. If the date is going really well, their eye contact should increase throughout the evening. However, if you catch them scoping out the rest of the room, you should probably assume that they’re just not that into you and ask for the bill."

"A smile can also tell you a lot about what someone is thinking and may be easier to read than eye signals in a dark bar. A symmetrical smile that starts from the eyes and shows a bearing of teeth will be the real deal, so keep a look out for this. This type of smile shows genuine attraction and shows they are comfortable in your company. Be wary of an unnatural, over-performed smile, as this could be masking boredom."

"Small body gestures often give-away how your date is feeling. For example, if they pull your hand into their body, it shows signs of sexual animal type attraction reflecting an interest in you on all levels. However, if you catch a juddering leg or tapping towards the end of the evening, it may be a sign of impatience and could mean they are ready to grab a taxi home."