31 NFL teams on alert as Percy Harvin made available for trade

Minnesota Vikings will look to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin, according to reports.

Off-season time in the NFL, means trade time; with Percy Harvin the latest big name up for grabs.

The wide receiver is 'unwanted' by the Minnesota Vikings after 'irreconcilable differences' were cited between him and the coaching staff.

Harvin would be a great pick-up for any team; and with the Vikings reported to want simply a second round draft pick plus change in return; it's a no-brainer - although there will be Harvin's salary issues to take into account.

What they would get back, is a wideout who was averaging 8.7 yards after the catch per reception before he got injured; the highest in the NFL.

He is also an adept punt returner, and was in the MVP conversation before his injury.

The Vikings got on just fine without him; reaching the playoffs thanks to the incredible Adrian Peterson at running back.

With Harvin said to be a disruptive influence behind the scenes at Minnesota, the Wembley-bound Vikings have seen enough to know they can cope by trading him.

Where he will end up is a lottery; Harvin really should be interesting every team in the NFL, he is that good.

Early suggestions from pundits have recommended the Patriots, or even the 49ers. 

This one has a way to go, but all 31 teams will be on alert to the news and considering, can we juggle our roster and finances and tempt him on board?

image: © mikemorbeck