Games More Dangerous Than Guns, Say 67% Of Republicans

Manhunt 2 videogame violence

Poll of older-generation Republicans finds distaste for gaming.

Violent videogames are a greater danger than guns, according to a Public Policy Polling survey of 800 US voters.

While the poll targeting both Democrats and Republicans, only the latter group were presented with a question that asked: "What do you think is a bigger safety threat in America: guns or violent video games?"

Of those asked, 14% answered guns, while 67% said videogames and 19% were unsure which was worse (via Kotaku).

This follows on from the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting and America's increasingly introspective look at its gun culture.

Subsequently, President Obama's administation has looked at curbing gun crime via gun-control measures and an investigation into videogames.

However, Harvard psychologist and government advisor Dr Cheryl Olsen has warned that such research must be done fairly.

“Researchers need to be open to the possibility of both harm and benefit,” she told Here Is The City.

"There's no evidence thus far that games may be distinctively harmful [from films]... As far as distinctive benefits, it seems likely that videogames foster useful traits such as persistence in the face of failure, patience, problem-solving, and other skills known to affect success in school and life."

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