Ahmad Bradshaw - A perfect fit for the Green Bay Packers

Ahmad Bradshaw has been cut by the New York Giants making him one of the top free agents in the NFL.

One year ago Ahmad Bradshaw was celebrating being a Superbowl champion; now he has been cut by the Giants.

The Big Blue elected not to renew his contract, which had been due to cost the Giants $18 million over four seasons.

They took advantage of a break clause midway through, Bradshaw signed it in 2011; making the Running Back one of the NFL's most desired free agents.

A quick look at this deal from a Giants perspective; it shows they have great faith in the duo of Andre Brown - who broke through in week three against the Panthers with two touchdowns, and rookie David Wilson, who recovered from a rough start to hit three touchdowns in one game against the Saints in Week 13.

The Giants will likely take another rookie from this year's draft to supplement their options, and there ought to be some good level back's in the second or third round, even though there are no standout 'must-pick' RB's in the top 10.

As for Bradshaw, he will have plenty of options, with teams lower down the roster like the Cardinals likely to show an interest, but there is one team which would be perfect for him; Green Bay.

The Packers were certainly lacking something this year; Aaron Rodgers was his efficient self, and James Jones had a breakout year at receiver, but their run-game was off.

After Cedric Benson's injury early on; who himself is no must-have for the Pack, it was left for Alex Green and James Starks to try to fill the void. Neither managed it, or even came close.

If they could pick up Bradshaw, he will immeasurably improve their roster, and make the Packers a far more dangerous offense, with a new dimension. The Packers need a veteran, proven RB to give balance to their passing game, and Bradshaw being cut is an ideal opportunity.

Despite his injury problems, Bradshaw still racked up 1,000 yards rushing last year and at 27-years-old should still have plenty of life left in him; he is also a proven quantity- having won the Superbowl, and will fit right in among the 2011 champs.

He may not be the long-term solution Packers fans would get had they been able to pick a Doug Martin or Alfred Morris in last year's draft, but if the right financial package can be agreed, he is the very best 'right-now' option.

What do you think, should Green Bay sign up Bradshaw? Where do you think he will sign?

image: © tedkerwin