PS4 to cost over $400?

Sony psp

Local Japanese media reports put a figure on the mysterious new console.

As Sony's February 20th announcement date creeps up on us, reports have emerged from Japan that the PlayStation 4 price tag is expected to be in excess of $400.

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimun broke the news to its readers, putting the PS4 price around JPY40,000, which is around $430 or £273.9 to you and me.

While no official statement has been made concerning the price of the next generation console, the rumoured cost would put the PS4 at a little above the Wii U.

Earlier today it was argued by a former Microsoft executive that Sony has never been able to make anything but a loss on its console harware, instead preferring to pursue royalty and software revenues.

This could perhaps explain the relatively low price-point when comparing the rumoured PS4 specs to those of the Wii U.

More signs that the company's PS3 is entering retirement came from the company's report that PlayStation sales dipped over 15 per cent in the quarter ending December 31st, 2012 (via MCV).

Combined PS3 and PS2 sales dropped around 600,000 units year-on-year to settle at 6.8 million, but the Sony saw a ray of sunshine in PlayStation Portable sales which climbed 300,000 to 2.7 million units.

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