J.J Abrams and Valve movie incoming?


Lost creator and studio boss Gabe Newell to team up.

Newly crowned Star Wars director J.J. Abrams could soon be working on adapting Valve's popular Portal or Half-Life series into a film, according to talk given at DICE.

Speaking to a packed room at a Las Vegas convention, Valve owner Gabe Newell and the Star Trek director shared the stage as they spoke of their mutual fondness.

When asked if there was any possibility of the videogames and cinema hotshots officially collaborating, Newell said it was already in progress, according to a report by Rockpapershotgun.

“What we’re actually doing here...is recapitulating a series of conversations that have been going on [between Abrams and I]. This is what happens when game and movie people get together. And we sort of reached the point where we decided that we needed to do more than talk." he explained.

"So we’re gonna try and figure out if we can make a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie together."

The report went on to detail that Abrams chimed in, saying: "And we have a game idea we’d like to work with Valve on."

Newell concluded the talk with a call to arms; the film industry and the games industry needs to stop talking and start collaborating.

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