Videogames rake in $14.8 billion in 2012

Gamers spend increasing amounts online as digital sales soar, according to NPD.

Market research group NPD has revealed that gamers spent nearly $15 billion on their hobby last year, including rentals, sales and downloads.

These findings (via, which don't include hardware and accessory numbers, found that over $7 billion was spent on buying new software in a physical form while nearly $6 billion was spent on downloading games, such as DLC for pre-existing titles and standalone games on mobiles and social sites.

A 16 per cent increase in digital sales seemingly failed to make up for the 21 per cent slide in physical sales as the combined total of sales represented a 9 per cent fall from 2011.

"When including all other forms of content spending outside of new physical games, the 2012 US games market was more than twice as large as the total spending on new physical games alone," commented NPD Group analyst Liam Callahan.

"There were divergent trends when looking at content spending in 2012 as a whole, with a decrease of 21 per cent in spending on physical content while digital content spending grew 16 per cent; both formats combined for a total decline of 9 per cent for the year."

image: © Scott Akerman

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