American McGee's Akaneiro finds Kickstarter success

Aka American Mcgee

New action-RPG meets funding requirements just in time for release.

American McGee's studio Spicy Horse has announced that its unconventional Kickstarter project, Akaneiro, has successfully secured its funding goals, albeit by the skin of its teeth.

Speaking with Here Is The City last week, the game creator discussed the difficulties in getting people behind a project on Kickstarter and warned that his own project, the free-to-play action-RPG, may not make its target.

With a budget of $200,000, Akaneiro managed to scrape by with just over £4,000 extra, from a total of 2,681 backers.

"Thank You! Your support in helping us spread the word and fund this campaign over the past 30 days has been absolutely fantastic," McGee told fans via the Kickstarter page.

"First we wait on Kickstarter to do their end of campaign 'house cleaning', which can take a few days or more. Then we'll get working on delivering campaign rewards - starting with virtual items like Karma."

He went on to promise that the development team will keep in contact with fans to let them know how additions and alterations to the existing browser-based game are progressing.

Being a free-to-play game nothing stops you from jumping right in, so check out our preview for more details of what to expect.

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